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The City of Everett will create a comfortable corridor for people biking, rolling and walking (also known as “active modes”) on California Street, connecting downtown Everett with the US 2 trail. The City identified California Street as a tier 1 priority bicycle connection in their 2011 Bicycle Master Plan. The first steps to develop the project are to consider a wide range of options and invite feedback from the community regarding their preferred design of the project. 

The concepts presented here are feasible options the City prepared to help guide the public discussion. The City intends on revisiting these concepts after reviewing the public’s input and modifying as necessary, within the constraints of other factors such as impacts to the right of way and adjacent development, impacts to traffic, safety, best practices for multimodal corridors, and compatibility with other planned and programmed transportation improvements in the vicinity.

For questions on this project or to request a project briefing to your organization, contact Christina Anna Curtis, P.E., Project Manager at

Survey: Register

The survey is now closed. It was open from October 22nd to December 10th, 2021. Although we are no longer accepting survey responses at this time, the questions are provided below for public record.

Active Connections: California Street Survey

1. Do you agree with the project goal?

To improve safety, providing a comfortable bike connection between downtown Everett and the US 2 trail

  • Strongly Agree

  • Somewhat Agree

  • Somewhat Disagree

  • Strongly Disagree

2. How important are the following criteria to you in selecting a design?

(Not Important, Somewhat Important, Very Important)

  • A dedicated space for bikes that is safe and appealing to a wide range of user types, ages, abilities and comfort levels

  • A physically separated space for bikes

  • Retaining the most on-street parking possible

  • Minimizing impacts to driveway access onto California Street

  • Maintaining traffic flow for cars on California Street

3. Are there other criteria you feel we should consider in designing the project?

4. Which of the three route options between California Street and Hewitt Avenue is your preferred?

  • Pine

  • Pine-Alleyway-Maple

  • Maple

5. Why do you prefer that route?

6. Please rank the feasible sections developed for California Street from most preferred to least preferred:

  • Option A: Cycle track with back-in-angled parking (south side)

  • Option B: Cycle track with parallel parking (north side)

  • Option C: Cycle track with parallel parking (south side)

  • Option D: Buffered bike lanes

  • Option E: Striped bike lanes

7. Why did you rank the sections in that order?

8. Do you have any other comments or questions on the project route or section that you would like the project team to consider?

9. How often do you currently use California Street?

  • Daily

  • 2-3 Times per Week

  • Weekly

  • Monthly

  • Less than Monthly

  • Never

10. Do you use the following modes at least once a month for any purpose?

Select all that apply

  • Walk

  • Bike

  • Other Rolling

  • Drive

  • Transit

11. Do you use the following modes on California Street today?

Select all that apply

  • Walk

  • Bike

  • Other Rolling

  • Drive

  • Park

12. Would you use the following modes on California Street after the project is constructed?

Select all that apply

  • Walk

  • Bike

  • Other Rolling

  • Drive

  • Park

13. Do you live in...

Please select

  • Everett, north of Hewitt Avenue

  • Everett, south of Hewitt Avenue

  • Unincorporated Snohomish County

  • Lake Stevens

  • Other

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